A COURSE IN MIRACLES Chapter 14 Teaching for Truth


1.  Yes, you are blessed indeed.  Yet in this world you do not know it.  But you have the means for learning it and seeing it quite clearly.  The Holy Spirit uses logic as easily and as well as does the ego, except that His conclusions are not insane.   They take a direction exactly opposite, pointing as clearly to Heaven as the ego points to darkness and to death.  We have followed much of the ego’s logic and have seen its logical conclusions.  And having seen them, we have realized that they cannot be seen except in illusions, for there alone their seeming clearness seems to be clearly seen.  Let us now turn away from them and follow the simple logic by which the Holy Spirit teaches the simple conclusions that speak for truth, and only truth. [1]

Today as we come to our devotional practice, Jesus reminds us that we are blessed.  We are learning the vision of Christ through our awakening to truth.  Christ’s vision is the miracle that quietly sees beyond the flesh eyes and the perceptual world.  Christ’s vision is everlasting for it is love.  There is no fear, greed, disease, and death in it. 

We begin to see through the lies of the ego that would keep us trapped in a perceptual world worshipping and groveling before fearful gods of wrath and vengeance, sacrifice and punishment.  Perhaps we think that we alone are amongst the few, the proud, the elect that have the truth, while the rest of the world can miss the Rapture and go to hell.  There is some rationale for the ego’s madness – steeped in darkness and in death, in sin and separation, in sacrifice and suffering – but Holy Spirit’s logic points in the opposite direction and is based upon truth. 

Follow the ego’s logic and see its logical conclusions.  Worship the ego’s gods and behold the promises that are broken, the diseases that ravage, the cost of its service.  One can never do enough for such a master for the master is exacting and punitive and is quick to give you a long list of all that you owe him for you are unworthy of his love and grace.  No matter how much you worship it, the end result is the same.  You die alone and unable to share your reality for you are but a twisted image of yourself broken in parts from the Sonship, one tiny, shattered fragment amongst teeming masses – unwilling to be put back together again with the whole – believing in specialness – possessing an uniqueness, which has no equal. 

We can turn away from all of this.  We do not have to accept such guff in place of truth.  We do not have to accept the fear or the pain, the suffering and uncertainty.  Jesus urges us to turn away from all that we thought we knew, that led us down a fear-ridden path, that promised to set us free but only raised more questions and delivered more grief.  Let us follow the logic of Holy Spirit, the holiness and the Spirit inside of each of us, the Spirit that never left God’s Kingdom, that was never taken in by the nightmare of separation and sin.  Let us follow our hearts which were made in love and by love and for love.  For Holy Spirit’s conclusions are not complicated – they are easy to understand for they speak for truth and only truth.

[1] A Course in Miracles. Chapter 14 Teaching for truth.  Introduction. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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