A COURSE IN MIRACLES Chapter 15 The Holy Instant

III.  Littleness versus Magnitude

7. In this season (Christmas) which celebrates the birth of holiness into this world, join with me who decided for holiness for you.  It is our task together to restore the awareness of magnitude to the host whom God appointed to Himself.  It is beyond all your littleness to give the gift of God, but not beyond you.  For God would give Himself through you.  He reaches from you to everyone and beyond everyone to His Son’s creations, but without leaving you.  Far beyond your little world, but still in you, He extends forever.  Yet he brings all His extensions to you, as host to Him.

8. Is it a sacrifice to leave littleness behind, and wander not in vain?  It is not sacrifice to wake to glory.  But it is sacrifice to accept anything less than glory.  Learn that you must be worthy of the Prince of Peace, born in you in honor of Him Whose host you are.  You know not what love means because you have sought to purchase it with little gifts, thus valuing it too little to understand its magnitude.  Love is not little and love dwells in you, for you are host to Him.  Before the greatness that lives in you, your poor appreciation of yourself and all the little offerings you give slip into nothingness.

9. Holy child of God, when will you learn that only holiness can content you and give you peace?  Remember that you learn not for yourself alone, no more than I did.  It is because I learned for you that you can learn of me.  I would but teach you what is yours, so that together we can replace the shabby littleness that binds the host of God to guilt and weakness with the glad awareness of the glory that is in him. 

10. Decide with me, who has decided to abide with you.   I will as my Father wills, knowing His Will is constant and at peace forever with itself.  You will be content with nothing but His Will.  Accept no less, remembering that everything I learned is yours.  What my Father loves I love as He does, and I can no more accept it as what it is not, than He can.  And no more can you.  When you have learned to accept what you are, you will make no more gifts to offer to yourself, for you will know you are complete, in need of nothing, and unable to accept anything for yourself.  But you will gladly give, having received.  The host of God needs not seek to find anything.

11. If you are wholly willing to leave salvation to the plan of God and unwilling to attempt to grasp for peace yourself, salvation will be given you.  Yet think not you can substitute your plan for His.  Rather, join with me in His, that we may release all those who would be bound, proclaiming together that the Son of God is host to Him.  Thus will we let no one forget what you would remember.  And thus will you remember it.

12. Call forth in everyone only the remembrance of God, and of the Heaven that is in him.  For where you would have your brother be, there will you think you are.  Hear not his appeal to hell and littleness, but only his call to Heaven and greatness.  Forget not that his call is yours and answer him with me.  God’s power is forever on the side of His host, for it protects only the peace in which He dwells.  Lay not littleness before His holy altar, which rises above the stars and reaches even to Heaven, because of what is given it.[1] 

Jesus calls to us to join Him in holiness – Christ was born into the world to restore the memory of Sonship to us, and today He is calling to us to remember the real meaning of Christmas – the restoration of Sonship, the restoration of our magnitude, the awakening of our deep sleep of separation and meanness.  There is no human alive that can remember this on their own for it is a gift of God and holiness is not of this world, it is not of humanity, it is a natural and God-given gift that restores our oneness with God.  Oneness with God is holiness and for this Christ has come and Jesus is still calling to us to join Him in reminding us that God is in us.

It is not sacrifice to leave vanity and meanness behind and awaken to the glory of God.  Why wander about searching for meaning in that which has none?  Why try one vain attempt after the other to search for worth in unworthiness?  To attempt to find Love in that which opposes Love?  We find our worthiness in worthiness, dear brother.  We do not find it in shame, in sorrow, in our belief in sin and in a God who is not Love.  God is Love and Love is not small-minded and mean.  Love dwells within us and we are host to Love, we are hosts of God.  We suffer needlessly the scourge of unworthiness, the poor appreciation we have of who and what we really are.  Groveling and pleading, giving money to support cathedrals and belief systems that teach us to do so, believing in gods who demand sacrifice and sorrow are offerings that mean nothing.  God wants us to realize what we are and remember what we are by reminding each other of what we are in Him.  Not beggars, not pleaders, not small and unworthy, but as Sons, but as Christ.  This is holiness and there is nothing outside of accepting Sonship that will save us. 

We do not accept this for ourselves, we accept it for the Brotherhood, for holiness is not for this one and that one, for the few, but for all.  Jesus did not come to save only the awakened; He came to save those who still sleep, and Jesus did not come to do this on His own, He came to enlist us for we are only whole, we are only Sons through a Brotherhood which would never dream of leaving anybody behind.  The shabby small-minded salvation plans that we make up and call redemption binds us to beliefs in guilt and shame, weakness and a keen awareness of our inability to save our feeble flesh.  There is no magical belief system in the world that can make flesh and bone, blood and gristle come back to life and live eternally.  Our glory is in us, our glory is not in the flesh or in the things of the flesh, but in the everlasting God within us. 

Jesus asks us to decide with Him because He chooses to abide with us.  Jesus chooses to abide with us because this is the will of Love which never changes its mind, which does not allow the things of littleness and of no account stand in the way of our salvation.  God’s Love is constant and certain and never falters or fails because God’s Love is God and God’s Love is Love.  There is nothing else and when we accept anything else, we will be accepting littleness and it will not gratify or satisfy us in any way. 

When we accept our Sonship, we no longer think of ourselves alone, we no longer shun those who are wicked and evil and do not live up to our plan of salvation.  We no longer waste our time trying to save a world that is already saved, for we know that it is not God’s Will to create that which can be lost.  And God is God, and His Will stands forever.  When we accept our Sonship, we are complete, we need nothing, we cannot take something and hoard it onto ourselves thinking that we are special, we are the elect, we are saved, and others are not.  When we know that we are the host of God, we do not have to seek ecstatic experiences, we do not have to show off our religion and try to convert others into thinking the way we think and acting the way we act – for when we know Whom we host, we have Everything and out of this sense of Everything we give with no thought of return. 

This giving of Everything with no thought of return frees us of the littleness which kept us trapped in the worldly systems of reciprocation and substitutes for God.  God needs nothing.  Blood and meat sacrifices, your little pennies, your little going without for Jesus, your groveling and pleading, your little bargains about going to church and reading your bible, your little plans to convert all humanity to your religion or else burn them in hell forever is a very poor substitute for God’s plan of salvation which requires nothing but awakening to the knowledge of God, to the knowledge of what Love really is, to joining in the proclamation that we are Sons of God, that God is in us and of us and for us.  We are through with these vain stories of gods who make impossible demands of us, who sic us upon each other in hatred and violence and bloodshed, who show uncertain mercy only for those who are willing to belittle themselves to make them look bigger and stronger.   We lay down our littleness and accept the magnitude of Him Whom we host now and forever. 

Jesus tells us to call forth in everyone only the remembrance of the Love which brought us forth and of the Kingdom that is of Him.  For when we bring others to God’s Kingdom, God’s Kingdom is where we will be.  When our brothers spew forth hatred and curses, when our brothers call forth hell and meanness, we are to only hear a call for Heaven and greatness.  This is not magic; this is not an impossible command of God.  This is practicing holiness.  For when we practice holiness, we practice awakening to our Sonship. 

When I practice holiness I practice interpreting everything I hear as either a call of Love or a call for Love, as either a call of God or a call for God.  So when you show up at my house spewing forth hatred and bitterness, yapping about how rotten to the core is this one and how ungrateful and ignorant is that one, I do not judge you by what my flesh ears are hearing from you and condemn you as a sinner for using bad words and cursing God and the brotherhood, I hear your call for Love.  For this is how I practice Sonship, this is how I practice holiness in a world bent upon unholiness.  I do not take your words personally and accept your attack upon me.  I do not take your words to heart and go into defense against those you are cursing and blaming.  I let this be an opportunity for reminding you of what you are and who you are in God.  This is not bible-thumping and quoting scripture at you; this is not lecturing you on how you need to clean up your mouth, this is not shaming you for not being a better human – this is a simple and loving, kind and direct way of me reminding you of the Christ in you Which heals all wounds, erases all wrongs, and exchanges all our selfish egoism for Love.

As we join with Christ in holiness, we put all our petty, trivial, nothing pasts behind us.  We no longer seek glory in that which the world seeks glory for we know that glory can only be found in Love and in the Kingdom of Love.  When our brothers curse, we bless for we hear only His call for help and we can only help our brothers, for without them there is no Brotherhood.  God’s power is forever with us protecting our peace.  When we let the ranting and raving of our brothers shake us, when we let those who would judge our pasts and condemn us make us tremble, when we let the idiocies and meanness of our brothers steal our peace we are putting littleness where there should only be Love.  We are identifying with flesh and not with Spirit. 

Jesus calls us to join Him in holiness.  This is our call to that which is divine about us.  We cannot see that which is divine in each other without the mind of Christ, the vision of Christ, the acceptance of our Sonship.  God’s power is always for us and not against us.  This is not to say that God’s power is for our egotistical selfish desires whatever they may be.  God is not for our personal wealth building, our popularity, our status in the world – all of these offerings that we would make to ourselves are so little and meaningless compared to the Everything which is what we are in Him.  God’s power protects our peace and whisks us high above all that would make us little and steal our joy.  As we join with Christ and practice our Sonship, we learn to laugh at the things that would steal our peace; we learn to bless where we would curse; we learn to hear calls for help where we would see calls for attack and defense.  Today in your devotional practice, ask Holy Spirit to help you see every opportunity to heal and to save as a means to learn what you are in Christ.  Come not to God with littleness, shaking in your shoes over unkind words or violent curses.  Come to God in Sonship ready and willing to join in His plan of salvation which envelops all that is and ever will be. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Chapter 15 The Holy Instant III. Littleness vs. magnitude 7-12. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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