A COURSE IN MIRACLES Chapter 16 The Forgiveness of Illusions

IV.  The Illusion and the Reality of Love 8-13

8. Heaven waits silently, and your creations are holding out their hands to help you cross and welcome them. For it is they you seek. You seek but for your own completion, and it is they who render you complete. The special love relationship is but a shabby substitute for what makes you whole in truth, not in illusion. Your relationship with them is without guilt, and this enables you to look on all your brothers with gratitude, because your creations were created in union with them. Acceptance of your creations is the acceptance of the oneness of creation, without which you could never be complete. No specialness can offer you what God has given, and what you are joined with Him in giving.

9. Across the bridge is your completion, for you will be wholly in God, willing for nothing special, but only to be wholly like to Him, completing Him by your completion. Fear not to cross to the abode of peace and perfect holiness. Only there is the completion of God and His Son established forever. Seek not for this in the bleak world of illusion, where nothing is certain and where everything fails to satisfy. In the Name of God, be wholly willing to abandon all illusions. In any relationship in which you are wholly willing to accept completion, and only this, there is God completed, and His Son with him.

10. The bridge that leads to union in yourself must lead to knowledge, for it was built with God beside you, and will lead you straight to Him where your completion rests, wholly compatible with His. Every illusion you accept into your mind by judging it to be attainable removes your own sense of completion, and thus denies the wholeness of your Father.  Every fantasy, be it of love or hate, deprives you of knowledge for fantasies are the veil behind which truth is hidden. To lift the veil that seems so dark and heavy, it is only needful to value truth beyond all fantasy, and to be entirely unwilling to settle for illusion in place of truth.

11. Would you not go through fear to love?  For such the journey seems to be. Love calls, but hate would have you stay. Hear not the call of hate and see no fantasies. For your completion lies in truth, and nowhere else. See in the call of hate, and in every fantasy that rises to delay you, but the call for help that rises ceaselessly from you to your Creator. Would He not answer you whose completion is His? He loves you, wholly without illusion, as you must love. For love is wholly without illusion, and therefore wholly without fear. Whom God remembers must be whole. And God has never forgotten what makes Him whole.  In your completion lies the memory of His Wholeness and His gratitude to you for His completion. In His link with you lie both his inability to forget and your ability to remember. In Him are joined your willingness to love and all the Love of God, who forgot you not.

12. Your Father can no more forget the truth in you then you can fail to remember it. The Holy Spirit is the bridge to Him, made from your willingness to unite with Him and created by His joy in union with you. The journey that seemed endless is almost complete, for what is endless is very near. You have almost recognized it. Turn with me firmly away from all illusions now and let nothing stand in the way of truth. We will take the last useless journey away from truth together, and then together we go straight to God, in joyous answer to His call for His completion.

13. If special relationships of any kind would hinder God’s completion, can they have any value to you? What would interfere with God must interfere with you. Only in time does interference in God’s completion seem to be possible. The bridge that He would carry you across lifts you from time into eternity. Waken from time and answer fearlessly the call of Him who gave eternity to you in your creation. On this side of the bridge to timelessness you understand nothing. But as you step lightly across it, upheld by timelessness, you are directed straight to the Heart of God. At its center, and only there, you are safe forever because you are complete forever. There is no veil the love of God in us together cannot lift. The way to truth is open. Follow it with me. [1]

Heaven awaits us.  It does not clamor and shout or chase us down.  Creation as it was created is waiting to help us cross over and welcome us in for Creation is what we seek.  Creation is our completion – it is what we miss, what we spend our lives chasing after, what we think we are going to find in our special relationships, in our careers and in our passions whether they be lawful or unlawful.  There is no guilt, no pain, no sacrifice involved – in Creation we look upon the Sonship with gratitude, with oneness, with unity.  There is no specialness for your specialness would take something away from me even as my specialness would take something away from you.  God is Love and Love joins us together in giving more of Him. 

Our holiness is the bridge to our completion in God, to be wholly like Him, to complete Him as He completes us.  Jesus tells us not to be afraid of holiness for it is perfect and full of peace.  This is our eternity, this is the end of all fear, it is the end of all worry and hatred.  God cannot be found in the world of illusion – nothing we can perceive with the flesh senses will ever satisfy us, will never give us safety, or deliver us from fear, hatred, and disappointment in ourselves and others.  Jesus tells us to be wholly willing to abandon all illusions – bring all your relationships to holiness and ask God to complete them, to take the specialness out and give you wholeness and unity and oneness with God in Christ, in Sonship, in Love. 

Our bridge to God is the acknowledgement of our failure to thrive in a world that opposes love – that would deny the wholeness of our Father.  When we recognize that all our hopes and dreams of making it in the world of separation is vanity – when we can lay all those hopes for specialness, for being “the one,” for finding wholeness or happiness in anything of the world made in separation down and be entirely unwilling to settle for those kinds of illusions that would substitute for truth, we have built our bridge to God and to our true and holy Selves. 

I share my own acknowledgment here because Linda told me how helpful it was to her when I shared it with her:  I cannot find wholeness in anything in this world, not the completion of my house or property, not in my love relationship with James, not in my children or grandchildren, not in my extended family or in friendships, clubs, places of employment, in A Course in Miracles, in being an author, becoming an internationally recognized speaker, or any of my hopes of becoming loved and admired and distinguished in the world.  I give all my dreams about such things to the altar of truth – for I want to know God and not fantasies or illusions – I lift the veil that seems so dark and heavy by valuing only truth which is beyond all fantasy and to be entirely unwilling to settle for the illusions in this world in place of truth.  In the name of Jesus I pray.  Amen.

As much as giving up all my hopes and dreams for this world may fill me with fear, a sense of disappointment and shame, a sense of guilt for giving up that which would surely give up on me in the end – Jesus tells us not to listen to the call of hate and recognize all its promises as lies.  The world cannot complete me – only truth can make me whole.  And let this be my call to God – that I want only to know Him, to love Him, to find my Self in Him where I belong. 

Our holiness is our link to God – our holiness is our call to Love which we never forgot and Love’s call to us which has never forgotten us.  This is our bridge to God – a heightened understanding  and complete disavowal of the world we made which leads directly to a complete commitment to the completeness we find in Creation and Creator. 

Jesus urges us to turn away from all illusions now. Let not the world deceive us for another minute, another round of days, weeks, months, years.  Let nothing stand in the way of truth – we have gone in the wrong direction as long as we needed to learn what we are never to forget – we do not belong in a realm of death and suffering, we belong in a realm of Love and Life, Peace and Joy.  Together we go straight to God – answering His call to us and our call for Him – as we build the bridge of no return. 

There is no special relationship of any kind that can have any value except in time.  Jesus urges us to awaken in time and with courage we are to answer the call of Him Who made us immortal.  We may not be able to understand this with our finite minds, but our divinity stirs within us at the memory.  We do not have to understand timelessness, oneness, or wholeness to recognize it as our own – but now we know that we will never find it in flesh or in humanity – the veil has been lifted, our ignorance and captivity is gone with the past, we are safe in the Heart of God. 

Today in your personal devotional practice, ask Holy Spirit to take all your special relationships and make them holy.  As you free yourself and others from the special relationships that bind you to the illusions that this world offers, you build the bridge that takes us from time into eternity.  Here we are safe forever because we are complete in Love which created us.  Jesus tells us that the way to truth is open and welcomes us to follow it with Him.  So just do it.  We have nothing to lose – there is nothing to fear.  It may seem like a giant endeavor, but it is simply a matter of return to that which is and always was and evermore shall be.  We cannot fail to recognize the Heart of God as Home.     

[1]A Course in Miracles. Chapter 16 The forgiveness of illusions. IV The illusion and the reality of love 8-13. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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