ACIM-24 The Goal of Specialness Introduction

1. Forget not that the motivation for this course is the attainment and the keeping of the state of peace.  Given this state the mind is quiet, and the condition in which God is remembered is attained. It is not necessary to tell Him what to do. He will not fail. Where He can enter, there He is already. And can it be He cannot enter where He wills to be? Peace will be yours because it is His Will. Can you believe a shadow can hold back the Will that holds the universe secure? God does not wait upon illusions to let Him be Himself. No more His Son. They are. And what illusion that idly seems to drift between Them has the power to defeat what is Their Will?

2. To learn this course requires willingness to question every value that you hold. Not one can be kept hidden and obscure, but it will jeopardize your learning. No belief is neutral. Everyone has the power to dictate each decision you make. For a decision is a conclusion based on everything that you believe. It is the outcome of belief and follows it as surely as does suffering follow guilt and freedom sinlessness. There is no substitute for peace. What God creates has no alternative. The truth arises from what He knows. And your decisions come from your beliefs as certainly as all creation rose in His Mind because of what He knows.[1]

This course is about getting and keeping the state of peace.  Peace is a state of mind that is from God.  There is no substitute for it.  It is a quiet state of mind.  The monkey chatter goes away.  When the monkey chatter goes away, God is remembered in the quietness that is there.  Because there is nothing that would distract the Mind then from what It is. 

There is no need to pray and ask God to do things for us.  God already knows all we have need of – He knows what makes us happy.  He knows our meaning and purpose.  He made us and so He knows.  Because God is Love He will not fail us.  Where there is peace and quiet He is welcomed and He is there already, waiting to be recognized and welcomed.  He is a not a Guest.  He is the Father.  He is Within us; He is us.  Peace is ours because He is peace; peace is His Will; it is what He wants and has and is. 

What we have here is merely a shadow and a shadow cannot hold back the peace of God for the Peace of God, the Will of God holds the universe secure.  All dreams that would oppose this are illusions.  All made up versions of reality are simply illusions, they are alternate realities, they are substitutes for the real thing.  God has no fear of illusions for they are only insane dreams and fictional accounts.  God does not have to wait around twiddling His thumbs waiting upon the dreamers to wake up to go back to being Himself.  Nor does His Son.  A Son who dreams is merely not awakened.  No matter what that Son may dream, it has no effect upon His reality as God’s Son.  God is and His Son is – forever.  Nothing can destroy them or affect their holy unity as Father and Son.  There is nothing that happens in a realm of nothingness that can hinder this or take it away.  No matter how evil and depraved the dreams in time – nothing will destroy their purity and innocence and love. 

This is a course in miracles.  To learn this course we must rethink what we consider a miracle.  To learn this course, we must bring all that is dark, all that is secretive, all that is hidden in our psyches, in our past, in our belief systems to the light.  If we cherish any little thing that is worthless, any little thing that opposes the Love that God is, if we hold in our minds a secret passion for murder in any form and call it by another name, we will not be able to learn what miracles are or how to give and thus receive them. 

Every belief we have and hold dear to us dictates each decision we make.  If I believe in sin of any kind, my decisions about you will be based on whether I believe you are a sinner or if you are “saved” like me.  If I conclude that you are willfully rejecting your salvation and continuing to enjoy and adhere to a life of sin, I will make you guilty and because I make you guilty I will make myself guilty for I can only have what I give to others.  The only way I can be free of sin, is to give the state of sinlessness to everyone for we are all one – you and me and all of humanity.  There is no substitute for the peace that comes from knowing this truth and practicing it in the face of all illusions and opposition that would separate, vilify, and crucify  the Sonship. 

For we are created by God. There is nothing that can oppose the truth, the reality of God.  God is in us and of us and for us.  If we believe otherwise, our decisions about ourselves and each other will lead nowhere.  We will experience chaos instead of peace.  Instead of the Creation of God we will exist as miscreants in a realm of opposites and opposition going in all different directions with no order, meaning, or ultimate purpose!  Our brief, uncertain lives will be driven by meaningless passions, irrelevant pursuits, and ignorance.  Ignorant of what is worthwhile we will spend our lives nosing in the affairs of others, gossiping, and digging in the past to find juicy morsels in which to pin our interest.  We will will make up stories about each other and call them the truth. We will idolize some relationships as special and holy, and thus destroy every relationship we attempt to have in the flesh.   

To learn this Course, we must be willing to question every value we have.

[1] A Course in Miracles. Chapter 24 The goal of specialness. Introduction. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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