ACIM CHAPTER 30 VII. The New Interpretation

1. Would God have left the meaning of the world to your interpretation? If He had, it has no meaning. For it cannot be that meaning changes constantly and yet is true. The Holy Spirit looks upon the world as with one purpose, changelessly established. And no situation can affect its aim but must be in accord with it. For only if its aim could change with every situation could each one be open to interpretation which is different every time you think of it. You add an element into the script you write for every minute in the day, and all that happens now means something else. You take away another element and every meaning shifts accordingly.

2. What do your scripts reflect except your plans for what the day should be? And thus you judge disaster and success, advance, retreat, and gain and loss. These judgments all are made according to the roles the script assigns. The fact they have no meaning in themselves is demonstrated by the ease with which these labels change with other judgments, made on different aspects of experience. And then, in looking back, you think you see another meaning in what went before. What have you really done, except to show there was no meaning there? But you assigned a meaning in the light of goals that change, with every meaning shifting as they change.

3. Only a constant purpose can endow events with stable meaning. But it must accord one meaning to them all. If they are given different meanings, it must be that they reflect but different purposes. And this is all the meaning that they have. Can this be meaning? Can confusion be what meaning means? Perception cannot be in constant flux and make allowance for stability of meaning anywhere. Fear is a judgment never justified. Its presence has no meaning but to show you wrote a fearful script and are afraid accordingly. But not because the thing you fear has fearful meaning in itself.

4. A common purpose is the only means whereby perception can be stabilized, and one interpretation given to the world and all experiences here. In this shared purpose is one judgment shared by everyone and everything you see. You do not have to judge for you have learned one meaning has been given everything, and you are glad to see it everywhere. It cannot change because you would perceive it everywhere, unchanged by circumstance. And so you offer it to all events and let them offer you stability.

5. Escape from judgment simply lies in this; all things have but one purpose, which you share with all the world. And nothing in the world can be opposed to it, for it belongs to everything, as it belongs to you. In single purpose is the end of all ideas of sacrifice, which must assume a different purpose for the one who gains and him who loses. There could be no thought of sacrifice apart from this idea. And it is this idea of different goals that makes perception shift and meaning change. In one united goal does this become impossible, for your agreement makes interpretation stabilize and last.

6. How can communication really be established while the symbols that are used mean different things? The Holy Spirit’s goal gives one interpretation, meaningful to you and to your brother. Thus can you communicate with him, and he with you. In symbols that you both can understand the sacrifice of meaning is undone. All sacrifice entails the loss of your ability to see relationships among events. And looked at separately they have no meaning. For there is no light by which they can be seen and understood. They have no purpose. And what they are for cannot be seen. In any thought of loss there is no meaning. No one has agreed with you on what it means. It is a part of a distorted script, which cannot be interpreted with meaning. It must be forever unintelligible. This is not communication. Your dark dreams are but the senseless, isolated scripts you write in sleep. Look not to separate dreams for meaning. Only dreams of pardon can be shared. They mean the same to both of you.

7. Do not interpret out of solitude, for what you see means nothing. It will shift in what it stands for, and you will believe the world is an uncertain place, in which you walk in danger and uncertainty. It is but your interpretations which are lacking in stability, for they are not in line with what you really are. This is a state so seemingly unsafe that fear must rise. Do not continue thus, my brother. We have one Interpreter. And through His use of symbols are we joined, so that they mean the same to all of us. Our common language lets us speak to all our brothers, and to understand with them forgiveness has been given to us all, and thus we can communicate again. [1]

The meaning of the world is not up to us or to our separate and therefore little, meaningless judgments upon it.  To wake up one day and proclaim the world wonderful because the sun is shining and the coffee is rich and dark and delicious and all my family members are alive and thriving and wake up the next morning and proclaim the world a dark and dangerous place because a storm has destroyed our house, ravaged the crops, and swept my children away cancels out all meaning and judgments that I would make upon the world.  When we align our minds with the Holiness that is our true Self, there is one changeless purpose for the world.

We forgive the world for being the dream we dreamed in place of reality.  This is our only purpose and no situation can change this aim. Forgive it for everything it gives and then takes away. For only when we forgive the world, can we forgive ourselves and each other and join hands to return to the Father as one. 

When we give up our plans for the world and reconcile ourselves to forgiveness, we give up writing the scripts for what constitutes winning and losing, getting ahead or falling behind, becoming rich or growing poorer.  We stop competing and comparing, not because we are weak and afraid but because we understand that competing and comparing, judging, praising and condemning have no meaning in themselves.  What constitutes winning for me would be your loss. If I run ahead then you must be behind me but never beside me. If I judge you worthy today because I like the way you look and smell and behave yourself, I may judge you unworthy tomorrow when you fail to comb your hair, take a bath, and misbehave.  I will always judge you and everything else depending upon false assumptions and limited perception.  And as long as I do this, I assign meaning that changes, that cannot be trusted or depended upon. 

We find constant purpose in forgiveness for it is applicable and understood by everything and everybody. It gives consistent meaning with no differences between one event and another, no differences between people, place, or things.  There is no confusion about forgiveness – it simply wipes away any thought of wrongdoing, any reality in that which is not of God, any thought of punishment or guilt or shame.  Fear disappears in the face of forgiveness for fear cannot be a factor of forgiveness. When I forgive you for snubbing me and not returning my friendly gestures, I am consciously choosing to overwrite a fear-based script between us. I am taking any fear that I have of you and your power to hurt me and taking its meaning away.  I am practicing holiness and accepting our reality in Sonship when I no longer accept any hurt from you because I consciously and intelligently choose forgiveness.  I overlook your humanity, its envy and greed, its meanness and spite, and just forgive it because it no longer has any meaning to me.

When we adopt a devotion to forgiveness towards all people, events, and circumstances of the world, toward all our experiences here, we no longer judge each situation, event, and person separately – one meaning has been given to everything we encounter.  We are relieved of all that would necessitate our judgment, opinions, the side we would take of one against another.  Nothing can change our mind about forgiveness because it applies to everything and everybody. Whether someone endears themselves to us or betrays our trust – we forgive.   When we consciously choose forgiveness, we practice our way back to Love, and returning to Love returns us to God.  When we practice forgiveness with devotion and without change, we become changeless, stable, and unswerving.

Forgiveness is the universal language, it is the universal gift, it spells the end of all that would come between us.  Forgiveness means that we owe no debts, no sacrifice or punishment is due, nobody is left out or forsaken.  Forgiveness joins us and makes our goal the same. We no longer engage in separate goals that take us in thousands of different directions that go nowhere and accomplish nothing – joining in forgiveness as our goal returns our minds to peace and brotherhood – the new interpretation of the meaning of the world.

The goal of Holy Spirit is union, and we are united through communication. I cannot communicate with you when I judge you, but I can communicate with you when I forgive you and wash your slate clean from all my misperceptions about who and what you are to me. When I recognize you as one with me, all that I want for myself, I give to you. When I see events and circumstances that come up in the world through the eyes of forgiveness, I see the world as one with me. Instead of a mean-spirited place of darkness and death, my scripts about the world are forgiving ones that offer pardon, peace, and goodwill.  The world is no longer a battlefield but rather a place to practice compassion, gentleness, kindness, and goodness. 

Jesus tells us not to wheedle personal meaning out of the world for all that we see, hear, and feel will shift about so much that we will be in an ongoing state of uncertainty and fear. One day we will be up and others down; some days we will have vim and vigor, other days we will be weary and worn out. One day our friends will bring us joy; the next day we may find them irritating and overwhelming.  To depend upon our personal interpretations of the world, is to lose our true Identity in chaos and change.  To accept Holy Spirit’s interpretation of the world we let go of all of our own interpretations, all of our reasons to push away and keep apart.

Today in your personal practice ask for the new interpretation of the world. Embrace Holy Spirit as your one Interpreter.  Forgive the forms of the world for they only symbolize the separated state of being which would obscure the Oneness and Wholeness of the Father and His Son. In devotion to the Sonship we choose the clean slate for only when you see me as having no spot and I see you the same can we communicate and become one. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Chapter 30 The new beginning vii the new interpretation. Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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