ACIM Manual for Teachers 25

1. The answer to this question is much like the preceding one. There are, of course, no “unnatural” powers, and it is obviously merely an appeal to magic to make up a power that does not exist. It is equally obvious, however, that each individual has many abilities of which he is unaware. As his awareness increases, he may well develop abilities that seem quite startling to him. Yet nothing he can do can compare even in the slightest with the glorious surprise of remembering Who he is. Let all his learning and all his efforts be directed towards this one great final surprise, and he will not be content to be delayed by the little ones that may come to him on the way.

2. Certainly there are many “psychic” powers that are clearly in line with this course. Communication is not limited to the small range of channels the world recognizes. If it were, there would be little point in trying to teach salvation. It would be impossible to do so. The limits the world places on communication are the chief barriers to direct experiences of the Holy Spirit, whose presence is always there and Whose Voice is available but for the hearing. These limits are placed out of fear, for without them the walls that surround all the separate places of the world would fall at the holy sound of His Voice. Who transcends these limits in any way is merely becoming more natural. He is doing nothing special, and there is no magic in his accomplishments.

3. The seemingly new abilities that may be gathered on the way can be very helpful. Given to the Holy Spirit, and used under His direction, they are valuable teaching aids. To this, the question of how they arise is irrelevant. The only important consideration is how they are used. Taking them as ends in themselves, no matter how this is done, will delay progress. Nor does their value lie in proving anything, achievements from the past, unusual attunement with the “unseen,” or “special” favors from God. God gives no special favors, and no one has any powers that are not available to everyone. Only by tricks of magic are special powers “demonstrated.”

4. Nothing that is genuine is used to deceive. The Holy Spirit is incapable of deception, and He can use only genuine abilities. What is used for magic is useless to Him. But what He uses cannot be used for magic. There is, however, a particular appeal in unusual abilities that can be curiously tempting. Here are strengths which the Holy Spirit wants and needs. Yet the ego sees in these same strengths an opportunity to glorify itself. Strengths turned to weaknesses are tragedy indeed. Yet what is not given to the Holy Spirit must be given to weakness, for what is withheld from love is given to fear and will be fearful in consequence.

5. Even those who no longer value the material things of the world may still be deceived by “psychic” powers. As investment has been withdrawn from the world’s material gifts, the ego has been seriously threatened. It may still be strong enough to rally under this new temptation to win back strength by guile. Many have not seen through the ego’s defenses here, although they are not particularly subtle. Yet, given a remaining wish to be deceived, deception is made easy. Now the “power” is no longer a genuine ability, and it cannot be used dependably. It is almost inevitable that, unless the individual changes his mind about its purpose, he will bolster his “power’s” uncertainties with increasing deception.

6. Any ability that anyone develops has a potentiality for good. To this there is no exception. And the more unusual and unexpected the power, the greater its potential usefulness. Salvation has need of all abilities, for what the world would destroy the Holy Spirit would restore. “Psychic” abilities have been used to call upon the devil, which merely means to strengthen the ego. Yet here is also a great channel of hope and healing in the Holy Spirit’s service. Those who have developed “psychic” powers have simply let some of the limitations they laid upon their minds be lifted. It can be but further limitations they lay upon themselves if they utilize their increased freedom for greater imprisonment. The Holy Spirit needs these gifts, and those who offer them to Him and Him alone go with Christ’s gratitude upon their hearts, and His holy sight not far behind.[1]

All power belongs to God and His Son. No matter what our gifts are, when we answer the call of God in our lives, we no longer use our specific talents, gifts, and abilities to draw attention to ourselves or try to gain a personal following.  As we draw closer to God by our daily devotional practice, as our minds open to the guidance of Holy Spirit and the recognition of our true identity in Christ, we will naturally gain insights and increase our range of communication seeing things and experiencing things that go beyond the normal five senses of the body. Today, I feel very much led of Holy Spirit to emphasize that this is a natural outcome of living from the spiritual part of ourselves rather than the physical. Our true, spiritual Being is in touch with everything there is, and therefore has the “big picture” of time, space, and the mass hallucination which we call reality. Throughout our sojourn in time, we often tap into our “psychic” powers when we become attuned to the natural higher power within us.

While there is nothing to be afraid of, the increased range of communication does have the potential to be used for ego rather than holiness. To use this increased range of communication as a means to show off, to prove that you are special in the eyes of God, to prophecy events and foretell the future in order to impress or warn people about future events, is egotistical and will not – in the end – give you what you really want or need.  Personally, I have experienced so many false prophecies in my life, that I am leery of anyone who deigns to tell me what the future holds!  Unless someone comes to us in a spirit of meekness and discreetly confirms what Holy Spirit has already revealed in our heart and mind, we must give them no heed.  Do not be afraid of what they say nor put false hope in their promises. I have learned that people who promote themselves as prophet (or the equally silly – prophetess) are misled by the ego and therefore greatly limit their true, God-given ability to see much of anything outside the narrow range of human whims, wishes, and wiles.   

As we answer the call of God upon our lives, let us come in the spirit of meekness and seek no glory for our human form or identity. As much as people may yearn to hear how rich they are going to become, how their loved ones will miraculously recover from cancer, how God will use them, personally, to build a church, hospital, university, or any other worldly institution that will glorify their name – let us remember that this world is not our reality, and this is not our Kingdom.  When we draw close to the Spirit we will see many things that were there all along – and it will astonish us when others intentionally close down their communication out of fearful, timid, slavish adherence to tradition.  Remember, it is not our function as teacher of God to prove anything to anyone.  It is not our function as teacher of God to wow others with miracle working power, psychic abilities, or deep spiritual insights. We are not here to gain a following, to build another temple, to start a new religion – if any of that worked, we would not be divided and separate, we would not be screaming at one another or going to war, all of this would be over, and we would be safely at home in God!

God’s Kingdom come, God’s Will be done is the natural outcome of our devotion and love for God.  Nothing is withheld from us in His Kingdom for in Spirit we are one and undivided. We know all things and all things are brought to our remembrance.  There is nothing spooky or special about it!

Today in your personal devotional practice, ask Holy Spirit to illuminate your mind regarding this passage. If you have engaged in promoting yourself as a prophet or have mistakenly used any of your beautiful spiritual gifts as a way to promote yourself and feel special in the eyes of God, humble your ego and ask Holy Spirit to correct and heal you so that the call of God upon your life is not used for deception and self-glory.  Ask Holy Spirit to correct your false prophecies and unworthy witness. Accept His forgiveness because His only aim is for us to recognize our mistakes and let Him correct our wrongdoing, thus preparing us for the Kingdom where your worth and my worth are one in Sonship; one with Christ, one with God forever. 

[1] A Course in Miracles. Manual for Teachers. 25. Are “psychic” powers desirable? Foundation for Inner Peace, Second Edition (1992).

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