Part 2. Who are God’s Teachers?


Name: FRED

Date: 02-18-2022

1.     What does Jesus tell us in today’s reading about the real Teacher?

That God’s speaks to us as any two come together for learning purposes. As we join together with a hunger and thirst, giving invitation to oneness in Christ Jesus.

2.     What changes a special relationship into a holy relationship?

When we come together for learning purpose looking for Christ in ourselves and our brother, God sends Holy Spirit into this holy relationship. Not looking to see what we can “get” or “give” in the physical but to be of one purpose one goal together as one.

3.     What is the goal of a holy relationship?

In this holy relationship we learn that giving and receiving are the same. We build together with mutual goal there is no loss only gain jointly with same interest at heart. As we learn, we teach, as we teach, we learn. We see our Christ likeness in our brothers, we see that we have the same goal of wanting unity and oneness with our Heavenly Father in the brotherhood of Christ Jesus.

4.     What dissolves our perceptions of separateness and specialness?

As we let down our defensive walls and boundaries that have separated us and allow Holy Spirit to take over, to teach, guide, to meet our needs. Bringing healing and giving direction.

Thank you for your responses, Fred. You put a lot of thought into your answers and we are happy to have you with us as we learn and teach together.


Part 2. Who are God’s Teachers?


Name: Ben

Date: 2/18/22

  1. Why does God assign certain pupils to each of His teachers? Why can’t we choose who we want to learn from and teach? The reason I can teach the people God assigns to me is because we have a certain level of understanding that perhaps a different teacher would not have. Maybe someone who has not had the same background as I have would have much to do with me and they would not listen to what I have to say about God because of my past. I am not supposed to let those people get me down but trust in God to let me teach and learn from the people He sends me to and the people He sends to me.  I seen this happen in my life. I started going to church and everybody just loved to hear how my life turned around for the better because of accepting Christ but nobody really wanted to hear how accepting Christ I became one with Christ. It made them really afraid that I was not getting it right and maybe going off the deep end. 
  2. Time waits on your choice to fulfill your role as teacher of God but not on who you will serve. Who are the people in your life who have been assigned to you? When I asked the Holy Spirit to tell me who the people are that have been assigned to me, I was told that I would know on a need-to-know basis.  In the meantime I am working at healing the relationship with my kids and their mothers. I am working on forgiving my parents and teaching and learning from them about freeing ourselves from the past. I am making things right little by little with the people that the Holy Spirit tells me to make things right with and I am making things right the way that the Holy Spirit tells me to make them right. Sometimes this is a letter of apology. Sometimes it is just practicing the holy instant with them in my mind. Sometimes it is something else. 
  3. Why is it necessary to grasp the concept of time that Jesus sets forth in A Course in Miracles? As long as we think of time as linear and as being real we will not escape our past. It will always be there to haunt us and to keep us feeling guilty for the ways we did not do it right. We will have constant reminders of how we failed or how others failed us. When we accept that time is not real we do not have to worry about wasting it, or taking too much of it to learn what should have been a simple lesson. We can just trust God to be patient with us and do our best.
  4. God’s answer was given the instant the idea of separation entered the mind of God’s Son. In reality, the separation never occurred; but in time it happened a very long time ago. Explain in your own words how this makes sense to you. The instant that God’s Son came up with the idea to use their creative powers to oppose God, God put us into a deep sleep so we could dream a dream of time in which all the impossible things we could imagine could seem to be.  This seems a long time ago to us, but in reality it never happened. We are making it all up – and we are stuck in a consciousness of opposites ever since where every good thing is canceled out by its opposite.  Atonement corrects this illusion, so you could say it does correct what never really happened. It reminds me of when you believe a lie and then you learn the truth. The truth never changed, you were saved from a lie.

Thank you for your thoughtful responses and sharing your personal application. Becoming one with Christ is what accepting the Sonship is all about! It is wise to make the distinction between accepting a concept of Christ as Savior and actually accepting our divinity in Him. God bless and keep you as you walk in the mercy and grace of God’s great love for His Son, Ben. We so enjoyed reading your response and look forward to hearing from you again soon!


Part 2. Who are God’s Teachers?


Name: Sharon Share my first name.

Date: 2/16/22

  1. Because your will is free, you can accept your Sonship at any time you choose. Why can’t you choose the curriculum or even the form of the curriculum? Because the curriculum is always about forgiveness and about oneness. When we choose the curriculum it is always about how special we are and how there are some people who are not forgiven and will never be forgiven.
  2. What does paragraph three tell you about time? Time is an illusion. It keeps repeating itself and everything seems new but it has already been.
  3. What does paragraph four tell us about how pupil and teacher come together? That they come together at the right time as if for the first time but they have an agreement that goes back before they can remember.
  4. What direction does time really flow according to paragraph four? What does this mean to you as a teacher of God? Time goes backward and keeps being lived over again. As a teacher of God this means that God’s Will is outside the bounds of time no matter how real it seems to us. It means that if I am to learn something from you it is because we made an agreement to be in a learning teaching situation long before we started to study A Course in Miracles or agreed to be teachers of God. It means that no matter how long it has taken me to get to this point – now is the right time and the right place.  God’s Will was never delayed no matter how much time it seemed to take.

We enjoyed reading your responses to the questions from Part 2 Module 2, Sharon. Especially as it pertains to the agreement that we made long ago before we can even remember to teach and learn this Course together! Certainly gives us a fresh perspective on things. Thank you for being at the right place at the right time. We look forward to a continued teaching learning situation with you.

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