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10/1/2021274Chapter 25:IX The Justice of Heaven 1-10
10/2/2021275Chapter 26 THE TRANSITION I. The “Sacrifice” of Oneness 1-8
10/3/2021276Chapter 26:II Many Forms; One Correction 1-8
10/4/2021277Chapter 26:III The Borderland 1-7
10/5/2021278Chapter 26:IV Where Sin Has Left 1-6
10/6/2021279Chapter 26:V The Little Hindrance 1-14
10/7/2021280Chapter 26:VI The Appointed Friend 1-3; 26:VII The Laws of Healing 1-10
10/8/2021281Chapter 26:VII The Laws of Healing 11-20
10/9/2021282Chapter 26:VIII The Immediacy of Salvation 1-9
10/10/2021283Chapter 26:IX For They Have Come 1-8
10/11/2021284Chapter 26:X The End of Injustice 1-6
10/12/2021285Chapter 27 THE HEALING OF THE DREAM I: The Picture of Crucifixion 1-11
10/13/2021286Chapter 27:II The Fear of Healing 1-16
10/14/2021287Chapter 27:III Beyond All Symbols 1-7
10/15/2021288Chapter 27:IV The Quiet Answer 1-7
10/16/2021289Chapter 27:V The Healing Example 1-11
10/17/2021290Chapter 27:VI The Witnesses to Sin 1-8
10/18/2021291Chapter 27:VII The Dreamer of the Dream 1-16
10/19/2021292Chapter 27:VIII The “Hero” of the Dream 1-13
10/20/2021293Chapter 28 THE UNDOING OF FEAR I: The Present Memory 1-15
10/21/2021294Chapter 28:II Reversing Effect and Cause 1-12
10/22/2021295Chapter 28:III The Agreement to Join 1-9
10/23/2021296Chapter 28:IV The Greater Joining 1-10
10/24/2021297Chapter 28:V The Alternate to Dreams of Fear 1-7
10/25/2021298Chapter 28:VI The Secret Vows 1-6
10/26/2021299Chapter 28:VII The Ark of Safety 1-7
10/27/2021300Chapter 29 THE AWAKENING I. The Closing of the Gap 1-9
10/28/2021301Chapter 29:II The Coming of the Guest 1-10
10/29/2021302Chapter 29:III God’s Witnesses 1-5
10/30/2021303Chapter 29:IV Dream Roles 1-6
10/31/2021304Chapter 29:V The Changeless Dwelling Place 1-8